Functional Squat Machine

Functional Squat MachineThis Functional Squat System is the first closed-chain system specially designed for diagnostic testing and optimal rehabilitation. The unique pivoting sled design replicates a standing squat during the entire range of motion. The Functional Squat System allows your therapist to establish baseline data and design a strengthening program based on those results. The computer gives patients real-time feedback and helps them learn to control speed of movement. Eccentric training, or controlled lowering, has been shown to create muscle strength gains faster then concentric training or muscle shortening exercises.

Biodex Balance Trainer

Biodex Balance MachineThe Balance System is as a valuable evaluation tool and training device designed to look at balance in both two-leg stance and single-leg stance positions.  

Deficits are treated with computer game-like training sessions to enhance dynamic bilateral and unilateral postural stability on a static or unstable surface.

Traction Machines

Lumbar Traction Equipment

OSPT has five traction tables that can perform cervical, lumbar or hip traction. These computerized traction machines allow for individual programming and pull patterns that deliver pull forces that closely mimic the hands-on feel of a therapist. All phases of pull can be isolated with independent timing settings for pretension, progression, traction and regression. Speed of pull and static, intermittent and cyclic options can be varied for patient comfort.

Total Gym Power Tower

Total Gym Power Tower allows for incremental load changes during exercise, hosts the adjustable glideboard and provides the utmost versatility for high-performance sports-specific conditioning, athletic training and rehabilitation. Able to load from 1%-72% body weight, Total Gym PowerTower is for those who simply want the best. The new Power Tower allows us to change resistance levels without the patient ever having to get off the machine.